Woman Breathing

Have you been holding your breath for the last few weeks? It's easy to get caught up in the posts, headlines, etc. and imagine that the end of the world is coming if your candidate loses. You wake up realizing your chest is tight, your head hurts, you are anxious and fatigued.

Now, take a deep breath in, hold it a couple seconds, and then exhale.

I can't promise you the world won't end, but I can promise you that you won't care who is president if it does. Celebrate briefly if you win. Mourn briefly if you lose. Then, focus on yourself, your health, and your inner peace. Spend your precious time on things you can control and let the rest go with that exhale.

If you need help remembering how to breathe or relax (or if you just want a good workout), check out my yoga offerings at my online store. I offer everything from private sessions to group parties and have an online only option if you prefer to keep your distance.

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