Don't Wait to be Happy

Finding happiness and inspiration is one of the most important things you can do today because you aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.

I have been incredibly busy the past couple of months. Between shuttling the kids to games, practices, races, visiting doctors, and working, I’ve barely been treading water keeping the laundry and dishes from overflowing. I’ve been thinking “I need to write a blog” for about 6 weeks now, but it kept getting back burner treatment. I finally decided to start and realized I had no inspiration for a blog - nothing to write about at all.

As I was procrastinating and browsing the news, I ran across three stories that aren’t connected but resonated with me:




Then, because I’m human and this is what humans do, my brain connected the stories. In the first, a woman is lost and hasn’t been found yet. In the second, a boy was lost and returned safely to a mother I’m sure is beside herself right now. In the third, a girl was lost in a different way – the sport she loved taken from her through years of repeated injury – and finally returned to the thing she loved.

Making this connection was an epiphany that gave birth to my inspiration for this blog. The day before each of these events were put into motion, all of these people were doing the thing they did every day without the knowledge that their lives were about to take a totally different track. Two of the three have happy endings, and hopefully the third will, but I want you to stop and reflect on your own life with me for a moment. Are you, like I have been, caught up in the daily madness to the point that you’ve lost your inspiration and pinned your happiness on some point in the future when things slow down, or when your medical tests come back, or [fill in your blank here]?

Well, step away from the madness, take a deep breath, and find that happiness today. It may mean changes are necessary - a new job, returning all that stuff you just bought but can’t afford, finally going to the gym, etc. It could mean you just need to take a moment to open your eyes to the beauty of life that surrounds you. Go for a walk in the park this evening and watch the sunset (or whatever does it for you). One thing is certain: you are not promised tomorrow. Once your tomorrow is taken from you, all you are left with is the memories of the things you’ve already done. Memories don’t reside in the future. I hope this blog has inspired you to make them today. Enjoy them now.

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