Now is the time of year that the seasons change. Leaves change colors. The weather is constantly changing. Life changes. We all have changes. Change itself is neither good nor bad, but how we deal with change defines who we are.

As you may know, change is not one of my strong suits. I typically try to avoid changing anything. But recently, despite my resistance, many things in my life have changed. Although sometimes I may think that I would rather stay still life Must Go On. Therefore, I have chosen to focus on the exciting new changes that have come my way and reflect on the positive.

  • All of my children have the same school schedule for this year.

  • We are typically healthy, happy and wealthy (despite the NEW roof coming soon).

  • Some of my private clients have really grown in their own yoga journey.

  • Aerial Yoga at Bodyplex in Grayson is flying high. It is at NEW Time 6:30 PM on Thursday nights. I am pleased to announce that we are keeping the Monday at 10:00 AM class the same.

We cannot change the past. Therefore, let's have compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and for others. I hope that you can find the blessings in your changes to come.

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