Sun pose: May pose break down blog

When I searched on Google Sun Pose I got Sun Salutations. What?!? Let’s teach Google something with this yoga blog about Sun Pose.


From Mountain Pose step one foot back so that you are facing the long edge of your mat. Open your thighs and turn your toes out. Inhale as you take your arms up and out into a five-pointed star. On an exhale lower through your hips and drop your arms to shoulder height. Your hips should not go below your knees. Reach out through your fingertips, turning your palms upwards toward the sky. Hold for 3-5 breaths.

Option: flow with your breath by inhaling up to five-pointed star and exhaling into sun pose.

Caution: In any yoga pose, always keep a micro bend in joints so that they do not hyperextend. Also, use your inner thighs to push your knees towards your little toe to protect knees while in this pose (this should work your vastus medialis).


  • Brings heat to the body

  • Strengthens quads, hamstrings, upper back and shoulders

  • Stretches the chest

  • Connects breath with movement

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