Have you ever arrived at a place and wondered, “How did I get here?” as if you were on auto-pilot?

In our culture time is very important. Everything has a deadline. If you are actually on time, some people would consider you to be late. Time is money. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. In other cultures, this is not so. Other things, like rest, are more important. I would love a siesta every day! I would love to get the perfect circadian rhythm of sleep for my body. That is not saying you shouldn’t prioritize or have goals, and sometimes certain schedules are involuntary because this is life after all, and this is not an excuse to be lazy! However, we should find our natural rhythm of time. In finding ourselves we become more creative and productive. We stop being on auto-pilot and start to pilot our lives with purpose.

Yoga is one way to help with this. Phrases you will hear often in my yoga classes include:

  • Breathe in 4 beats. Your 4 beats. Not my 4 beats.

  • Take as long or as little time as you need.

  • This is your time.

Through yoga you can increase your sense of self. You start to gain confidence in yourself and have self-esteem and self-awareness.

According to Be Brain Fit these are some of the top yoga poses for better concentration and memory:

  • Alternate nostril breathing

  • Prayer pose

  • Warrior 2

  • Eagle

Poses that can be done at your desk:

  • Neck rolls

  • Seated spinal twist

  • Eagle arms

  • Seated pigeon

  • One leg hamstring stretch

  • Knees to chest

We also incorporate our breath into our poses to gain mind body connection. I wrote about the breath in my blog Just Breathe. If you want a AMAZING read about yoga and mental health check out this GEM. (But only if you have time!)

You do you.

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