Although everyone else is probably going with the same theme, gratitude is important and can never be understated. So, November’s life blog focuses on gratitude.

Gratitude according to means, “a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation.”

While considering gifts this holiday season, consider giving something for which OTHERS would be truly grateful. Living in such a blessed country should offer us plenty of opportunities to do this. I usually give consumables (Moon Pies, chocolate, etc.). People love them AND I can give them the same thing year after year.

Here are two options for you to consider this holiday season. You can purchase these for yourself or for a friend.

Yoga Party:

If you are looking for a fun party for your friends, your office, or sports team for the holidays, we can have a Yoga Party. I come to you* and provide a one-hour yoga session tailored to your group for just $10 per person with a minimum of 3 people. This is a great way to give a gift to all your friends and enjoy it for yourself, too!

AromaTouch Technique:

AromaTouch** is a clinical approach to the application of essential oils. I come to you* and apply specific essential oils on your back and feet using a technique that promotes relaxation and revitalization. Right now, AromaTouch is $50 per session. Add your hands to the session for only $5. Feel free to contact me to discuss specific oils and to schedule a time.

Please contact me with any questions or comments.

*Within a 10-mile radius of Grayson, GA. Y’all know I don’t get out much, but if you’re outside that radius, give me a call or email, and we’ll work something out.

**Disclaimer: AromaTouch is not a massage. I will not be manipulating any muscles.

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