Would you rather be a dead bug or a happy baby?

October’s pose breakdown is Dead Bug pose. I could write a long introduction as to why I choose this pose to break down for the month of October, but I think timing is everything. (Creepy stuff… Dead things… Halloween…)

Getting into the pose

From Knees to Chest start by holding the backs of your thighs and pulling your elbows to the floor. Keep your tailbone on the mat, allowing a natural curve in your lower back. Very slowly and mindfully start to increase the sensations by:

  • Bringing your heels over your knees

  • Clasping around your big toes with your first two fingers, capping the big toe with your thumb and drawing your knees toward the floor with your elbow out to your sides

Continue to rest your head, shoulders and tailbone on the floor.

It is okay to flow, move and rock if that is what feels good to you. As with any yoga pose move slowly with your breath and listen to your body.

Benefits of Dead Bug

  • Releases lower back and sacrum.

  • Opens hips, inner thighs and groin.

  • Stretches the hamstrings.

  • Relieves lower back pain.

  • Stretches and soothes the spine.

  • Calms the brain.

  • Helps relieve stress and fatigue.


Many of you know this pose as happy baby pose.

We have renamed it here in the west to sound more pleasant. Also, it does look like a happy baby playing with his or her feet. Notice in this version the tailbone is up off the mat.

Play with it and see how you feel. I usually want to be a happy baby, but it is good to experience dead bug once a year (Halloween)… or whenever you feel squashed.

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