With Spring approaching, I chose to break down sunflower pose. This is a great pose for gently opening your hips and shoulders during your​ warm-up.

Starting in Mountain Pose, step back to face the long side of your mat. Your feet should be wider than your hips – as wide as is comfortable to you. Turn out your hips and toes into about a 45°angle. On an inhale lift your arms up to the sky. As you exhale bend your knees such that your knees track over your toes pushing your knees toward your small baby toe. As you hinge from your hips, keep your spine long and reach your arms toward the floor in a sweeping motion. On the next inhale straighten your legs and sweep your arms up and back to the starting position. Continue to move with your breath as you do your sunflowers.

I would love to know your favorite pose or flower.

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