Many of you know that I have had several bummer life events happen to me within in a 3 week period this year. Without getting into the details of my circus, I want to write about how I am choosing to deal with it all.

Letting Go

We have all heard that we need to let it go, but what does that mean? I must admit that there have been many times in the past when someone has said this to me. Albeit true, I just wanted to let them go because I wasn’t ready to hear those words in that moment. So, what am I choosing for today?

Pray – For me, it’s not just the obligatory first item on a checklist. Going to God in prayer is a way for me to examine the situation while also appealing for serenity. A couple of the remainder of my list are closely related to prayer, but they are distinctly different in that they effect an inward focus.

Breathe – God gave us the breath of life. In a previous blog, I mentioned how controlling your breath can calm, center and give you confidence. Since I already went into detail I won’t say more than this: simply breathing can bring quiet to your soul.

Meditate – I am still in the beginning stages of this. However, I have seen amazing changes is my perspective. I choose to think about the positive outcomes. I choose not to be negative. I actively reject the inclination to retaliate with deprecation. Instead I try to see the big picture. Does it really matter? I attempt to remove myself from the situation and look at it from that ‘outside’ perspective. I talk more about meditation in my Savasana blog.

Get ActiveStudies link exercise, even small amounts, to reduced feelings of depression, higher energy levels, etc. It doesn’t have to be hard. Go for a walk, run, bike ride or do yoga. It can be as simple as reaching down and gently stretching your legs or twisting your torso. Don’t overthink it. Try to be outside in nature if possible. Work out the negativity. Read my blog Balancing Your Workout for more tips on how to stay active.

Find a Support Group – Although this is last on my list, it is not less important. The great thing about this is you can make this official (like an AA meeting) or unofficial (like your friend coming over for coffee) depending on what your specific needs are. This blog would not have been written without the help of one of my good friends talking me through it or my husband editing it – they were my unofficial support group. If you don’t have a support group, find one. Even if your life is perfect, you can help other people (and then email me and tell me how to have a perfect life)! You do not have to face life all alone. Somebody has experienced something similar enough to your situation that they can listen to you, at the very least. You are important and have a voice. A person or group with similar goals or interests can help you find that voice.

If you are a person of faith like me, you have scripture** running through your head about each of these topics. That is wonderful! Meditate on those things. What if you choose to have no faith or a different faith than mine? Can you still benefit from these suggestions? I believe you can. Ultimately, it is your journey, and only you can choose your path. Will you still be sad, hurt, lonely, depressed, angry, frustrated, etc.? Yes, and sometimes it can be healthy to feel and express those emotions. Just try not to let these things determine your situational reactions, especially when dealing with people who have nothing to do with the cause of those emotions (e.g. your family). Allow yourself to make the better choice of a positive action/reaction for your well-being and the well-being of others.

Now, let it go and enjoy the rest of your day!

**This isn’t necessarily the purpose of my blog, but since it’s a part of who I am, I cannot separate it from myself. If you find yourself wanting more in the way of scripture or study that relates to this topic (or any topic), email me, and we can talk about it.

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