Without further ado, I give you the Humble Warrior pose.


From Warrior 1 interlace your fingers behind your back and widen through your collarbones. Inhale to expand through your chest and lungs. On an exhale begin to lower your chest halfway down on the inside of whatever foot is in front. Back out of the pose just a bit, and then exhale while lowering. Try to maintain square hips and shoulders as you hug your navel to spine. Keep a micro-bend in your elbows and release your head and neck. Allow your clasped hands to drift up toward the sky, stretching your chest. Slowly rise back to Warrior I after holding the pose for a few breathes. I like to reset the body with some down dogs or flows before switching to the other side.


According to YOGANONYMOUS, the Humble Warrior pose stretches:

  • chest

  • lungs

  • shoulders and neck

  • belly and groins

  • arms

  • back muscles

It strengthens and stretches:

  • thighs

  • calves

  • ankles

You should always check with your medical professional before starting any exercise. If you have any concerns, please express them to your yoga instructor so modifications can be made.


This yoga pose is said to simulate bowing down, as if in reverence. It’s a pose of surrendering and accepting exactly where you are at this moment. When you trust this pose and let yourself surrender, you release any need to control. I like to follow this pose up with Warrior 1. For me it is a statement: “Yes, I can be humble.” I will learn and rise stronger than before.

What does it teach you?

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