Ten years ago, if you told me that I would be writing anything, I would have laughed in your face. If you told me five years ago that I would be writing a blog and managing a website, I would have laughed in your face.

I’m from the deep south. Hooked on phonics did NOT work for me. My speech and sentence structure is horrendous. My thoughts are totally random. It is always a little scary to make myself vulnerable by putting my thoughts out there for the world to judge.

I knew nothing about websites and blogs a year ago, and I knew nothing about being an independent contractor and small business owner. But I do know how to learn, and I have an amazing, supportive, brilliant husband that I can use as a sounding board. I also am blessed with encouraging mentors. I have had some great opportunities with more coming soon (which I will talk about in another blog).

I’m not going to lie. I still have a lot to learn. I have spent hours working on the website (literally) and have often come up empty handed. I’m slow and hesitant to make ANY business decision. However, this journey has been therapeutic for me, and I love what I do. I am a passionate person and can talk… and talk… and talk.

Enough about me. What about you? Keep an open heart and mind. Don’t limit yourself. It’s your journey. I hope yours is as fulfilling as mine has been so far. Tell me about your challenges.

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