What would you call it?

Reverse Warrior aka Sun Warrior aka Peaceful Warrior


From Warrior II, keep your front knee bent and lift your forward (same side) arm toward the sky. Turn your palm toward the front of your mat. Allow your back hand (opposite side) to gently fall so that it is lightly touching your back leg. Use your core strength to support a gentle side bend. This is a side bend and not a back bend! Sink through your lower body while lifting up and out through your waist. In any pose always be mindful of your alignment. Keep the knee of your front leg above or slightly behind your ankle to avoid putting too much pressure on your knee. Switch sides.

To decrease intensity in your legs, slightly straighten your forward leg, shorten your stance or both. To decrease intensity in your shoulders, bring your hands to a prayer position.

For the fullest expression, keep reaching up with the front arm and keep extending through your side.


As a variation of Warrior II the benefits will be similar to that of Warrior II.

  • Stretches the side body

  • Opens the chest

  • Strengthens the legs

  • Opens the hips, groins and inner thighs.


The reverse warrior is good to have in your toolkit to mix into your normal warrior sequence. It provides some variety as well as a good stretch to the side of your body. There are several names for it – no matter what you call it, just give it a shot.

What’s your aka?

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