Like Down dog, Mountain is another foundational pose that is used to easily transition to other poses.

Despite what it looks like to the non-yogi observers, this is an active pose.

As always, no pose should ever hurt – if it does, stop! If it doesn’t feel right for any reason – stop!

Enough already… How?

Always keep a slight bend in your knees to keep from hyperextending your joints (never lock out any joint while doing yoga). Stand with your feet pressing firmly into the ground under your hips and engage your quads (this should draw your knee caps up slightly). Continue by engaging the glutes & zipping the belly button toward the spine. Actively reach toward the earth with your palms facing forward, and allow your shoulders to naturally relax back and down.

Check you alignment:





But… Why?

This pose should improve your posture, and, if you keep the pose active by engaging all of those muscles, it should tone and strengthen your legs, core and glutes.

Also, as mentioned earlier, this is a good pose to transition into other poses like sun salutations, warrior one, warrior three, crescent lunges or wherever your imagination takes you.

This is also a good pose to start a new sequence because it grounds the body and resets the mental focus.


You are solid, unshakable, grounded and yet reaching up to the sky. You are a mountain.

Send a picture of your mountain. We can make a range!

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